Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anything but a ring is a disappointment

Everyone knows the Yankees own the highest payroll in baseball, but since 1996 the World Series trophy with all those little beautiful pennants has eluded them. Some would argue that it's the lack of clutch hitting in the post season that has trounced them, others would say pitching has lacked when it was needed the most. Either way, expectations are always high but the yankees do have to contend with a team that is clearly more talented in the Red Sox, with hitting and pitching to balance them. The key for the Yankees in 2008 is pitching more than ever. If they can get 6-7 innings from their starters consistently, then hand the ball to Joba and Mariano, then they have a shot to go the distance (barring injuries of course). And if Mike Mussina ever wakes up from what bit him last year...but let's take it one day at a time. It's a long season but one thing is for sure, the Yankees will make the playoffs but in a year where Yankee Stadium comes to an end for a new and improved model, could THIS be the year. Let's hope it is!

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